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Not all depression is permanent.

There's a point where you recognize and the point where you start to feel like you again.

I'm in the in-between...

In the in-between, there are all sorts of moments. The good, the wonderful, the hard, the difficult the sad, the discouraging... and they all seem to exist at once because most things feel like slow motion.

I get seasonal depression, which I feel I've managed fairly well for years. We usually have soccer tournaments that get us away for a weekend, and I take vitamin D, which also helps.

This winter has felt longer, and I feel like I was doing fine till losing Riggins.

Here's the thing. I KNOW this is temporary. I KNOW this isn't mine forever. In the meantime, EVERY day I'm doing something for ME. I know I'll enjoy working out, reading a book, listening to a book, getting my Diet Dr. Pepper, watching a show or a movie, subbing, and being around my kids and my kids' friends!!!

I'm actively seeking happiness.

I'm not waiting for it to come to me.

Depression is real.

Depression looks different for everyone.

Depression can be temporary or can last long periods of time.

Depression can affect anyone, at any age, for any reason, at any time.

What can you do if you recognize a friend is dealing with depression

Send a text or message that you love them, are thinking about them, and care about them.

Me??? I'm a hugger, so I've needed lots of hugs! Hugs from my hubby, my kids, my extra kids!!!

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