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Give Yourself a Break

Do you believe in personal revelation?


I'm a big fan of following my gut. But it's been wrong a time or two.

I've become guarded again.

A family friend is in jail for soliciting sex from a minor. He will most likely go to prison... and we had no idea, no clue this was apart of his life. His struggle. His temptation.

We have daughters the age of girl he thought he was soliciting...

Once again, I'm questioning why I didn't sense or feel some sort of warning. How did I not see it? Not "know"?

Then I have to give myself grace.

I'm human.

I don't know all things.

I can't read people's minds.

I can't see into their hearts or souls.

How do we protect our children, and ourselves from so many unknowns?

I'm choosing to take one day at a time. One situation at a time. That's all I can do. I don't have control over the rest.

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